Yeah, you got it right, we are all going to die. (This is where I laugh). If you ever wondered what all the ruckas was about, well here is the real deal. I have included the source code for the melissa virus and the ILOVEYOU virus in a popup link at the bottom of the page. So ye of little faith and faint heart do not continue beyond this page. I am only posting the source code of the virii in plain text and im not going to tell you how to initiate these bugs, so your not going to find trouble unless you look for it. Remember! You are responsible for your actions.

If you dont know about these virii, they are trojan virii because they come as a form of a email from a friend. It fools you into thinking that the message was really sent by a friend. Much like the mythological trojan horse of Troy where the enemy hid inside a giant horse. Unaware of the danger hiding within the statue the people of troy wheeled the horse into their city and left it. During the night, the people inside the horse came out of the horse and attacked the city during their sleep.

The melissa virus was the most successful virus of the 90's. It brought down literally 1000's of networks across the world in the beginning of 1999. The only damage it caused, was clogged mail servers, and it also inserted sentences in open word documents. The ILOVEYOU virus is much more destructive ( released May 3th, 2000). It will delete all of the jpg's and mp3's and many other types of files as well as send itself an unlimited amount of times. Also, the ILOVEYOU virus procreates through IRC through programs such as mIRC.

         This is how it works
The melissa virus is a macro virus that is included in a word file. If you open microsoft word 97 or 2000 (the programs which it propogates through), and setup a macro with this code, you will have the 'phantom menace' so beware. In any other form this virus can not hurt you, because it is only microsoft word that can actually run the code.

The ILOVEYOU virus is a newer version of the melissa virus, but it is way more destructive. This virus can send itself through emails and irc, and this virus (unlike melissa) is not limited to 50 recipients but as many people as possible. Beware.

I have put this virus up on my site only for educational purposes so that you may know what the virus is and how it works. I believe it that what you 'dont know' is what hurts you. And also, btw, im not responsible for anyone who uses this code for malicious purposes or causes damage to their computer with this code.

        Show me the virus already!

(Melissa) GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!!                 SAY MY NAME!!! (ILOVEYOU)