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460. Blog closing
February 3, 2012 12:51pm
Please go to: http://www.houtz.tv for my new blog.... continue reading...

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Wyatt Houtz


Wyatt Houtz


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November 18, 2000 7:35pm

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wyatt {at} havenofbliss {dot} com



I grew up in Southern Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Computer Engineering Degree, and now I live in Chicago. I have traveled throughout North America, Europe and Japan, and hope to go many more places! I was raised in the Church of God, and attended a Vineyard Church and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in College, and now attend the Moody Church. I am getting married in April, and enjoy writing about Chicago, traveling and especially my faith! Feel free to leave comments and and read any of my blogs! Portrait at Sleep Bear Dunes

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